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What is Volition Servers?

About Us
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Volition Servers started with Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, expanded to other Source games such as Counter-Strike and Team Fortress 2. From 2010 to 2013 we’ve provided quality servers for our players and now we're trying to come back. VS is not a clan, but a family, a group of friends enjoying the fun of gaming! Our servers are non-profit and committed to appealing to you and the community. We’re happy to greet you into the Volition Servers community, where the servers are dedicated to you!

Join our Teamspeak server!

You can hang out with Teamspeak 3!

Are you looking for a private way to communicate with your friends that's server based? All are welcome to connect to Volition Servers Teamspeak 3 server. Management is lax and server groups are tailored to your privacy and discretion. If you want to join us, do so right now using the IP below and ask our admins any questions you might have! If you would like to learn more before joining, continue reading.

Rules: -You must be at least 13 years of age.

You're allowed to be mean. You're even allowed to say offensive things. We're friends here, when's the last time you had to watch your language around your friends? So long as everyone is having a good time, there's no problem. That's why we have an age limit of 13. You don't need a set of rules to know what's right and wrong. We trust that you know when you've crossed the line with other users. In the inevitable (Spell check credit: Moon) event that someone does join the server and cause problems, admins will ban when necessary. We have already banned DRAMA QUEENS, CHRONIC LIARS and PIECES OF SHIT for ruining the fun of our teamspeak server. This is a very simple rule and you can trust us to kick or ban anyone making your experience on our server anything less than a blast. Please remember this rule when changing your name, creating a channel, editing your description and everything alike.

Talk Power:

As soon as you connect, you'll be in our Public Lobby. This channel is the ONLY channel that a newly joined guest will have talk power by default. Don't worry! Anybody who is a regular visitor of the server is granted the title of Normal. Any Normal on the server can grant talk power to a guest. This way randoms can't join the server and ruin your fun! Even if granted talk power, any regular on the server can revoke talk power from a Guest. There is no need for an admin if a newbie is causing trouble!


Our admins create channels to support the various needs of our users. Almost every channel is dedicated to a specific game for you and your friends to enjoy a conversation related to your current topic. However, we openly create channels to accomodate our users for any purpose. In fact, we have a Hangout Room for people that just want to talk instead of game or perhaps for people that are playing different games than each other. We do not enforce any particular use of any channels besides the AFK channel. If there's no admin around to create your channel, all Normals have permission to create temporary channels. Temporary channels are automatically deleted after all users leave the channel.

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